Texas A&M Pre-Medical Society 

Last Meeting Notes:

​Dr. McGuire, a past PMS member and 3rd year Emergency Medicine resident, shared her journey about attending A&M, medical school, and residency.

- Philanthropy committee is planning philanthropy events and profit shares, so stay tuned!

- Field trip information is out! We are taking the top 20 members to TAMU School of Medicine

ECHO Meeting:​​

- Psych 338 from 7-8pm


- Zoom Meeting ID: 962 0786 9365

- Zoom Password: 217791

- Zoom link: https://tamu.zoom.us/j/96207869365?pwd=RVJKelQyMWZYRXhGdjFEdjdscnR5dz09

​Next Pre-Medical Meeting: 
- 01/24/23

- 7:00 – 8:00 PM

- Psych 338 ​

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Meeting Notes/Updates