Maddie Young – Membership Director

Rahul Atodaria – Community Service Chair

Adam Baker – President


Howdy! My name is Maddie Young and I am a senior Biomedical Sciences major and Psychology minor from Rockwall, Texas. I am beyond honored to serve the Pre-Medical Society for another year as your Membership Director. My job includes keeping log of each member’s points from attendance, volunteering, and socials and also to manage all of our merchandise. During my free-time I love to travel, try new foods, watch Netflix, and spend time with my friends and family. As a member of this society, I have learned so much from other members and have been provided many opportunities that have benefited me as a medical school applicant. Let me know if you ever have any questions or need advice on your pre-med journey, I’m so excited to meet you all! Thanks and Gig ‘Em!

Howdy PreMeds! My name is Elizabeth Brown and I am a senior Biomedical Sciences major and Psychology minor from Abilene, TX. I am super excited to serve as your vice president this year. My job includes planning the biweekly speakers at our meetings, managing MCAT scholarships, scheduling, and more. This society has allowed me to be actively involved in something I love. Because of the PreMed Society, I have reached out of my comfort zone and have expanded my horizons. I have learned so much and made many friends and connections. This organization has helped boost my resume and enhance my PreMed experience more than I had ever imagined. Please know that we are here for all of you and that we are willing to help in whatever way we can to help you achieve your goals on this intense PreMed route. Other than the PreMed Society, I enjoy the movie theater, exploring new places, and hanging out with friends.  Please don’t hesitate to approach me or email me with any questions, concerns or just to talk! Thanks and Gig 'em!

2018-2019 Pre-Medical Society Officers 

Jessica Kuzma  - Philanthropy Chair​

Howdy! My name is Adam Baker and I am a senior Biomedical Science major and English minor from League City, Texas. I cannot express how honored and excited I am to serve as your President during my last year as an undergraduate! I have been very involved in this Society since the first semester of my freshman year and I have relished every moment of it. Let me emphasize to you how important it is to make connections with people who share your ambitions. I highly recommend getting to know your fellow members and officers in the Society, as it will aid you now in your undergraduate career in numerous ways, but also even further along in your professional endeavors. The Pre-Medical Society has always been an organization with a family-like base of members, and my goal for this year will be to accent this aspect. Regarding my personal interests, I love reading, watching movies, collecting VHS tapes and vinyl, and playing music in the A&M Percussion Studio. Please don’t hesitate to approach me about something, even if it’s just to say hi to me on campus! Looking forward to meeting all of you and taking on this promising year!

Howdy! My name is Jessica Kuzma and I am from Spring Branch, Texas. I am honored to be this year’s Philanthropy Chair. I have been a member of the Pre-Medical Society for the past two years and last year I was on the Philanthropy Committee. Our philanthropy is the Alzheimer’s Association. I am excited for this school year and to get to know each of the members! In my spare time I like to run and cook. If you ever need a running buddy or someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to ask me! Again, I look forward to this school year, as we have a fantastic officer team that is truly dedicated to making your transition as an undergraduate to a medical student smooth.

Elizabeth Brown - Vice President​

Howdy! My name is Liam Ung and I'm a sophomore Biology major from Katy, Texas. I'm super excited to serve on the officer team as Secretary this year! My job will involve producing the Pre-Medical Society newsletter, The Caduceus, for each meeting. Within the Cad, I'll have lots of important information such as society events, OPSA workshop dates, MCAT times, and other good stuff. The Pre-Med Society has helped me build a lot of friendships, given me access to tons of helpful information and people, and truly solidifed my passion for becoming a doctor. Outside of the organization, I like to hang with friends, grab food, and play video games. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me or any of the other officers! I couldn't recommend a better organization and I hope to see all the new and returning members! Thanks and Gig 'Em! 

Eduardo Serrano – Treasurer

Howdy everyone, I’m Eduardo Serrano, a junior Biomedical sciences major from Austin, Texas. I am stoked to serve as treasurer for the 2018-2019 year. I look forward to seeing many old and new faces at meetings and other events! In my free time I enjoy swimming, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Please take full advantage of all the opportunities that the Pre-medical society provides for its members to strengthen their applications. This organization has done a tremendous job in guiding me through the premed process and will do the same for you if you put in the time and effort! If you ever have any questions about anything just grab my attention and ask! Thanks and Gig ‘Em!

Hey everyone!  My name is Rahul Atodaria and I am a junior Biomedical Sciences major and Psychology minor from Bay City, Texas.  I am very honored and excited to serve as an officer for the Pre-Medical Society. The Society is where I met some of my closest friends and has really helped me grow as a medical school applicant and as a person.  This will be my third year as a member and first as an officer. As Community Service Chair, I will be your liaison for all service events and volunteer opportunities. So, if you ever need help deciding where to volunteer or how to get started, I’m the guy to talk to!  But in general, if you ever need help with anything regarding the Society, college, or something else entirely, I or another officer will be glad to help. In my free time, I like to play tennis and cricket, go on walks, and watch anime and Bollywood movies. I look forward to meeting everyone and having a great year with the Society!  

Texas A&M Pre-Medical Society 

Brooke Seeker – Technology Chair

Howdy! I am Brooke Seeker, a junior Genetics major and a transfer student from Texas Tech University. I grew up in Pflugerville, TX but I now call Bastrop, TX home when I'm not in College Station. I am so excited to be your technology chair for the 2018-2019 year, as I will be in charge of all of Pre Medical Society's social media, calendar, website, and technical communications. Outside of Pre Med, I have a job, I love my research positions, and I am a dog mom to two amazing pups! I am the dictionary definition of a people person, and this society has grown this quality of mine even more. I am open to hearing ideas you have that would improve your experience with Pre Med or at A&M, and I really enjoy getting to know members!  Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions, wanting advice, or even just looking for a study/coffee buddy. Thanks for letting me serve you!

Megan Emiliani – Events Coordinator

Howdy! My name is Megan Emiliani. I am a senior Biomedical Sciences major with a BIMS International Certificate in Spanish from Sugar Land, TX. I can’t wait to serve as your Events Coordinator! I have been in the Premedical Society for three years now and was a member of the Philanthropy Committee two of those years, and the Philanthropy Chair for one. As your events coordinator, I will organize socials, plan the field trip every semester, organize the banquet, and help to bridge the gap between members and officers. Being in the Premedical Society has helped me prepare for medical school and assure my desire to become a doctor. I enjoy traveling, watching movies, and eating. I would love to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. I hope you will come check out the Premedical Society and see all of the wonderful opportunities we have to offer. Thanks and Gig’em!

Rami Muhtaseb – Historian

​Howdy! My name is Rami Muhtaseb and I am a junior psychology major and neuroscience minor from Houston, Texas. I was born in Houston but I lived in Saudi Arabia for most of my life until I moved back to be at A&M. I am so excited and proud to represent the society as it’s historian. I joined PreMed society right at the beginning of my freshman year and it has been a blast ever since. I’ve greatly enjoyed volunteering and learning with my peers and friends. Whenever I’m free, I enjoy nothing more than cooking with friends and spending time together. If you have any questions regarding medical school and the application process, do not hesitate to speak to me. I will always be here for y’all! Thanks and Gig ’Em!

Liam Ung - Secretary