Kailee Shockey - Vice President


Howdy! My name is Ruqaiyah Darugar and I am a Public Health major from Houston, Texas. I am excited to be serving as your secretary this year and can’t wait to see what we all accomplish together. My duties include producing the Caduceus which is the Texas A&M Pre-Medical Society newsletter. This newsletter will include volunteer opportunities, OPSA workshops, MCAT information, and society events/ announcements, and more. Pre-Med society has been an amazing organization, I have met amazing people and learned more about medical schools and the resources I can use that will help me towards my journey to medical school. In my free time I love to swim, read, draw, listen to music, explore with my friends, and try new things. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any other officers! I am honored to be serving you this year and can’t wait to meet everyone! Thanks & Gig’em.

Howdy! My name is Liam Ung and I'm a senior Biology major and Psychology minor from Katy, Texas. I'm incredibly honored to be able to serve as Pre-Med Society's president for this year! I've been through this org since my freshman year and I've benefited so much from it. From friends, to information, to opportunities - the society has been vital in my journey as a pre-med student. My job as president is to oversee the officer team, work with our advisors, send out weekly emails, and engage with society members! My goal for the year is to make the Pre-Med Society a place where you can relax, knowing that we have everything you need to be successful. Outside of the org, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, finding new food to eat, and spending time with my friends. Feel free to reach out to me or any of the other officers if you have any questions - we love to help! I'm excited for the upcoming year and I hope to make it a good one!

Liam Ung – President


Howdy! My name is Kailee Shockey and I am a junior Public Health major from Bryan/College Station, Texas. I am so excited to be serving as our Pre-Med Society Vice-President this year. My job as VP includes scheduling speakers for all our meetings and working with our MCAT Prep sponsors who provide us with scholarships and discounts we award to Pre-Med Society members. I joined the Pre-Medical Society as a freshman and served as our secretary last year. I am so thankful for this organization! I have met so many amazing people, learned so much, and have furthered my desire to become a physician. This organization has been so welcoming and encouraging to me, and my goal as an officer is to ensure all our current and future members feel the same way. Outside Pre-Med Society, I work as a Patient Care Tech in a local emergency room. In my free time, I love to read, travel, cook, find new shows to binge on Netflix, and grab coffee with friends. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or any of the other officers! We are here to help, and we love getting to know you all! I am so excited to see what we all can accomplish this year in Pre-Med Society!

Ruqaiyah Darugar - Secretary


Alec Randolph – Community Service Chair


Howdy!! My name is Katherine Stevens, and I am so excited and honored to serve as the Membership Director for the Pre-Medical Society this year! I am a senior Kinesiology major with a minor in Public Health from Galveston, Texas. I joined the Pre-Medical Society last September and dove headfirst in involvement, where I served on the Philanthropy Committee. My roll this year is to make sure member’s points are recorded properly and to help assist possible new members with their membership process. I am so excited to give back to this society that has given me such amazing advice and resources.
In my free time I love to go to the beach, workout and hang out with friends! If you have any questions about how to join the society or anything in general do not hesitate to reach out!! I’d love to get coffee or study together, and am so eager to serve y’all this year! 

Sally Muthanna – Technology Chair

Howdy! My name is Sally Muthanna and I'm a senior psychology major from Katy, Texas. I am so excited to once again be serving as your technology chair. The society has given me great friends, opportunities, and endless resources. I have been a member for 3 years now this is my second year serving as an officer. I am also a transfer student so if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email! My job as the technology chair is to keep our website, social media, and calendar updated for all of our members and future members. Outside of school, I enjoy working out, eating, binge-watching Netflix, and drinking lots of coffee. If you have any questions or would like to study or grab coffee please dont hesitate to reach out to me, I love making new friends! I feel so honored to be able to serve you all this year. Thanks and Gig’em!

Tori Vargas – Events Coordinator

Howdy! My name is Tori Vargas and I'm a junior Kinesiology major from Katy, Texas. I am so honored and excited to serve as your Events Coordinator for this upcoming year! This will be my third year in the Pre-Medical Society, and I can say without a doubt that it's the best organization to be a part of. Not only has the society paved my college career, it has also allowed me to meet and build relationships with so many new people on the same pre-med track. Over the past couple of years, I've gained so many new friends and experiences that I would not have found anywhere else. As your Events Coordinator, I will be tasked with organizing the society's socials, field trips, and banquet at the end of the year. My goal is to create an even tighter community within our society and to provide a place where both members and officers can feel comfortable throughout their pre-med path. Outside of the society, I spend my time powerlifting, practicing violin, hanging out with friends, or watching Netflix. With any extra free time, you can definitely find me studying or eating, so if you're ever looking for a study/food buddy, I'm always free! Please don't hesitate to approach me or any of the other officers for any concerns regarding the pre-med path or just with school life in general! I can't wait to meet everyone and serve on your officer team this year! Thanks and Gig'em!

Howdy! My name is Kaylah Perez and I am a junior Genetics major from Del Rio, Texas. I have been a member of the Pre-Med Society for two years. The camaraderie that the society exudes is why I decided to join and remain a member. I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by aspiring and dedicated individuals who are not only great mentors but friends. As the society’s Philanthropy Chair, I am responsible for setting up fundraisers to support the Alzheimers Association. I will also coordinate a committee that helps prepare for a fundraising event at the end of the Spring semester, so apply and join my team. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out at St. Marys Catholic Church, reading, painting, working out, playing volleyball, and enjoying a new series on Netflix. So if you like any of this stuff or none of this stuff I invite you to come be my friend. I am so excited to meet you and build new relationships in this upcoming school year! 

Texas A&M Pre-Medical Society 

Howdy! My name is Alec Randolph and I am a junior Biomedical Sciences Major from Katy, Texas. I have been in Pre-Medical Society for the last two years, and I am excited to say I will be serving as your Community Services Chair for next year! My job is to plan weekly volunteer events so our members have an opportunity to serve the Bryan/College Station community through out the entire school year. Pre-Medical Society has allowed me to meet so many new people while at the same time allowing me to gain resources that make me more competitive for medical school. The knowledge and experience you gain from this organization are unbelievable.  Outside of Pre-Medical Society I love going to the rec or hanging with friends. I cannot wait for what is in store for next year. Thank you for allowing me to serve you next year!


2020-2021 Pre-Medical Society Officers 

Katherine Stevens – Membership Director

Kim Cano – Treasurer

Howdy! My name is Kimberlee Cano and I'm a senior Biomedical Science major from Mission, TX. I am so excited to be serving as your treasurer this year! My job is to handle the finances of the society. I'm eager to get to know every single one of ya'll and do my best to help your pre-medical journey. This organization has given me the friends, resources, and connections that have helped me to continue to succeed so I'm excited to share my experiences with all of you. In my spare time, I love to workout, cook, watch movies, and relax. I'm looking forward to what this school year has to offer! Thanks and Gig'em!

Kaylah Perez  - Philanthropy Chair

Tristan Nguyen – Historian

Howdy! My name is Tristan Nguyen, and I am a senior Biology major from Katy, Texas. I will be serving as your Historian and my job entails documenting the society’s events including important meetings, socials, and field trips. I am also in charge of intramurals for the club so if you are a sports person like me, definitely take advantage of this to meet new people and have fun while doing so. I joined the Premedical Society my freshman year to meet like-minded people who were going through the same things I would be going through on my path to becoming a physician. Being in the club gave me an appreciation for the people I have met and the opportunities that could come forth from being an active member in the club. The one thing that has made my time in the Premedical Society so special were the people in it and I hope you have a similar experience.  Outside of Premed, I love practicing Judo, working out, playing sports, and spending time with friends. I love meeting new people so feel free to talk to me or any of the other officers anytime about pretty much anything. I look forward to making the most of this year and I hope to see you along for the ride. Thanks, and Gig’Em!