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Upcoming Events:​​

​UTMB Medical School Field Trip: 11/16/2019


We are a student-run organization at Texas A&M that is committed to providing our members with a way to learn more about the medical profession. Through our society, students will have the opportunity to learn from various experts in the medical field and leave with an increased awareness of current events in healthcare. Our society also organizes medical school visits, volunteering programs, special events, and panels, and serves as a resource for students seeking a career in medicine. By encouraging the physicians of tomorrow to work together today, the Texas A&M Pre-Medical Society does its part to build a spirit of cooperation - something that is becoming ever more necessary in the medical profession.

Our key goals are:

  • to educate and advise students on undergraduate, medical school, and career options in the medical field
  • to serve the community through various projects done as an organization
  • to work closely with the Office of Professional School Advising to prepare pre-medical students to be competitive applicants to medical school
  • to educate and inform members of the current state of medicine 
  • to ultimately make members the best possible medical school applicants

The Pre-Medical Society chooses one member each meeting to be it's Most Valuable Member. The MVM is chosen based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, Society involvement and dedication, outstanding achievement, and phenomenal personal characteristics. 

Fall 2019:

  • Meeting 2: Amber Adamcik
  • Meeting 3: Ruqaiyah Darugar
  • Meeting 4: Alec Randolph

Spring 2019:

  • Meeting 2:  Priya Brandy
  • Meeting 3:  Sally Muthanna
  • Meeting 4:   Max Kutch
  • Meeting 5:  Chidinma Nzedibe
  • Meeting 6: Alex Rowlinson

Join us for the next meeting!


When: 11/12/2019


Where: Psych Building, Room #338. From 7-8 PM


Who:Pre-Med Society

Most Valuable Member

Missed the last meeting? Here's the Cad, our official newsletter:

Texas A&M Pre-Medical Society