10.3.2018 Pre-Med Meeting

Speakers: Jessica Kuzma, Philanthropy Committee Chair

                         -Spoke about Philanthropy Committee applications and Alzheimer's

                   Grant Read, GHO spokesperson

                          -Spoke about Winter trip to Panama

                    UTMB opportunity speaker

                            -Spoke about opportunity to work with radiologist in Galveston, google                                forms for more information are to the left.

09.04.2018 Pre-Med Meeting

Speakers: Dr. Anne Blum and Rachel Ciomperlik, professional school advisors

  • Presentation about the pre-med pathway and what steps an applicant should take each year of their journey to most successfully matriculate into medical school.

09.11.2018 ECHO Meeting

Speakers: Dr Anne Blum and Rachel Ciomperlik, preofessional school advisors

  • Presentation covering an overview of medical schools in Texas, including price and score requirements.

Texas A&M Pre-Medical Society 

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