This fall semester 2018, we are going to Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth, TX. TCOM is known as a leader in training physicians skilled in comprehensive primary care and rural medicine. Over 60 percent of TCOM’s graduates practice primary care medicine, contributing to the school's main mission to produce primary care physicians which are in great demand in Texas. Founded in 1970, TCOM excels through its innovative medical school curriculum, cutting-edge research, quality patient care, and outstanding student performance in classroom, national test scores, and clinical experiences.

We take the top 20 members with us, so stay involved!

In Spring 2018, we visited UT Southwestern medical school in Dallas, Texas. UT Southwestern replaced Baylor School of Medicine when that system was relocated to Houston in 1943. This medical center now has about 230 medical students enrolling in each class with a large focus on research and team-based learning. UT Southwestern faculty physicians offer patient care at UT Southwestern University Hospitals & Clinics, Parkland Health & Hospital System, Children’s Medical Center, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, VA North Texas Health Care System, and other affiliated hospitals and community clinics. Training in both private and public hospitals, as well as the location of John F Kennedy's treatment in Parkland hospital, allows for an amazing training in medicine. This medical school has cutting-edge equipment and experiences for medical students.

This semester will be playing flag football! 

Our first game is this Thursday, September 24th, at 9:45pm at the Penberthy recreational sports complex. We will have one game every week on the same day until October 25th. 
Members will receive 2pts for attending and participating in the game. 
To participate in the intramural games, register with IMLeagues through the following link:
This link will prompt you to choose the university you're attending. Choose Texas A&M University and the site will redirect you to sign in with you TAMU ID and password (the same that y'all use for eCampus and Howdy). 
Once you're registered, go to the link below and fill out your name and email so that I can send you an invite to join the team: 

Note: Penberthy is located on the corner of George Bush Dr. and Penberthy Blvd. It is best to use the school bus system to get there. Routes 35 and 40N take you close enough to the complex. 

In Fall 2017, we visited Baylor College of Medicine!  Located in the heart of Houston, Baylor College of Medicine is driven to become a major part of the health care and biosciences industry for the area. The medical center of Houston is the largest in the world and therefore presents amazing opportunities for it's students. This school is home to many top ranked specialty programs. The opportunities presented by not only this school, but by the surrounding city, are numerous.

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